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Admission relates to the process by which places are allocated to applicants who are not enrolled in Sharjah International Private School L.L.C | S.P.. The school is committed to high academic standards of wellbeing and development of all students in a common learning environment. The inclusive ethos of the school welcomes children and ensures that there are meaningful learning opportunities for all groups of students.


1- Our aim is to take on a diverse student body who will enrich the school community and work productively to develop their full potential.


1- To impart high quality education in line with the school Mission and Vision

2- To develop qualities such as compassion, tolerance, respect for the rights and cultures of all people, and the development of environmental responsibility in our

3- To equip students with leadership qualities to meet the global challenges of the 21st century.

4- To foster an atmosphere of academic excellence, intellectual inquiry, critical thinking, and innovation.


Admission Process

1- Kindly refer to the school website __________________________________ for all important details regarding admissions.

2- Parents must fully complete the online application form with all the relevant

3- Only completed applications are

4- It is essential for the applicants to possess age-appropriate English language skills to enable them to access the curriculum.

5- Age related admission assessments are conducted for all applicants to establish the level of English, Mathematics to ensure that the child will be able to access the school’s program.

6- Admission is subject to availability of seats and submission of the applicants School Leaving Certificate from the previous school attended.

Once the capacity of the year group is full the applicants are placed on a waiting list in order of submission of the application. If any openings occur, the school decides the candidate(s) in order of the waitlist to offer a position based on the overall profile of class and the match between the needs and qualifications of the student with the needs of the school.

8- Admission is subject to approval by No provisional admission will be granted.


Placement by age and relevant documentation

Year group placements are made according to the age limit set by the SPEA. Details of the documentation required are mentioned on the school website.

Age Guidelines for Admission MOE Curriculum. (As of August 31st)
Class Age
Grade 2 6 years
Grade 3 7 years
Grade 4 8 years
Grade 5 9 years
Grade 6 10 years
Grade 7 11 years
Grade 8 12 years
Grade 9 13 years
Grade 10 14 years
Grade 11 15 years
Grade 12 16 years
Policy Details: Admission Policy MOE
Version Date September 2023
Review Date August 2024

Addendum to Admission Policy

Admissions Process

Sharjah International Private School L.L.C | S.P. is an inclusive school committed to high academic standards, wellbeing and development of all students in a common learning environment. The meaningful learning opportunities for all groups of students enable them to fully achieve their potential and feel valued for their contributions.

Age guidelines for admission
Students must have attained the following minimum ages on 1st of September of the academic year of entry:
Year Group Age
Grade 2 6 years
Grade 3 7 years
Grade 4 8 years
Grade 5 9 years
Grade 6 10 years
Grade 7 11 years
Grade 8 12 years
Grade 9 13 years
Grade 10 14 years
Grade 11 15 years
Grade 12 16 years
How to apply

Step 1: Register your interest online

Step 2: Check your email for an email from admissions@pristineschool.com. Incase you are unable to find the email in your in box please check your spam and junk folder.

Step 3: Please follow the instructions in the email and submit the student application form along with all required documents. The school generally witnesses a high demand for admissions and applications once received are placed on the waitlist. You may check with the admissions office on the size of the waitlist.

Step 4: Once seats are made available, applicants will be shortlisted and scheduled for an assessment.

Step 5: Applicants with successful assessments shall be notified by the admissions office and provided their placement offers. The offer letter shall allow 1 week to submit the due admissions fees along with any pending documents.

Mandatory Documents at the time of submitting the application

1- Student Photo, Passport Copy and Birth Certificate

2- Primary Contact Passport Copy

Recommended Supporting Documents

1- Student UAE Residence Visa, Emirates ID,

2- Primary Contact UAE Residence Visa and Emirates ID

3- 3 Secondary Contact Passport Copy, UAE Residence Visa, and Emirates ID

4- Relevant Medical Report of any known or special circumstances of the student (if any)

5- Diagnostic Testing or Educational Assessment for Special Needs (if any)

6- Grade 2 Admissions – Evidence of Nursery Attendance

7- Grade 2 – Grade 10 – Vaccination Card Copy

8- Grade 3 to Grade 12 Admission – End of Term/Year School Report

9- Grade 3 to Grade 12 Admissions – Attested Transfer Certificate, Attested Report Card or KHDA/SPEA Transfer Certificate

10 - Grade 3 to Grade 9 Admissions – Most recent CAT 4 results

11- Grade 4 to Grade 12 Admissions – Conduct Certificate

12- Grade 12 Admissions – Board Examination Results

Assessment Criteria

Assessments are benchmarked against minimum performance criteria in addition to a comparative review of the pool of applicants.

Assessments for Grade 2 are based primarily on observation of the child at play, engaging her/him in conversation to observe communication skills, social development, manners, and physical development.

Assessments for Grade 3 and above include English and Math. Arabic language skills are assessed for students who shall be transferring from a UAE school.

For Admissions to Grade 8 to Grade 11, Assessments for English, Mathematics and the subject opted for in the Board Examinations.

Outcomes of applications and assessments are final and not subject to review by the school.

Admission Policy

To view the Sharjah International Private School L.L.C | S.P. Admission Policy please click here.

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