Dear SIPS family,

We the SIPS community, have been on the educational platform of the Emirates of Sharjah for almost two and a half decades. The school in particular has been led by a purpose: the purpose of giving quality education in a premises that entails a family atmosphere where students, parents, staff members experience a deep-rooted sense of belonging.

This mission of giving quality education, creating leaders, providing the best facilities and an environment conducive to learning, stands true today as it did when the school was in its inception and in its years of growth. Today, we continue to take immense pride in the high standard of our school, our qualified and experienced teachers and the myriad opportunities that we strive to make available for the young learners under our care.

The Children in our school and their interests lie at the heart of our institution. You joining our school is a choice you have made, and to serve you, is our privilege. We persevere to honor your choice through providing comprehensive education. Our teaching-learning process includes subject content that is linked to other curricula, to the national identity of UAE and to real-life situations. All this and more, with close reflections to well-being and e-safety are catered to, at SIPS.

Education is a journey of discovery, self-improvement, innovation, critical thinking, creativity and clear communication. We are proud to meticulously and continuously offer all of this to our wards. We, as a school, seek to do things better every time; learning as we teach is our inherent quality.

We believe in a foundation that works in enterprise with SPEA, the parents, the teachers and the boards of examination. It is thanks to the métier of this partnership that we are able to provide the most outstanding learning experience and environment. We persevere to bring about academic outcomes that are both encouraging and inspiring.

Feedback from our parent community is always welcomed; we believe it is the best gear to propel progress. We harness the growing interest in technology of the current generation to make sure the students remain adept with digital knowledge that will shape and navigate their future.

SIPS has always and will always be a pioneer of human values: kindness, respect, empathy and compassion. Our hallmarks of the Emarati culture: generosity and hospitality and tolerance towards other cultures, are and will continue to be inculcated.

SIPS believes in transformation. We have transformed and brought out the mettle our students possessed. We persevere to bring out the best in all. Many students from different batches from yesteryears have moved far and wide to various parts of the world, to different horizons, to fulfill different dreams. We hear from our alumni and we see them when they visit us, or when we invite them. It is with pride we connect with our young professionals even long after they had last set foot in their sanctuary, they proudly belonged and called SIPS.

I thank you sincerely for placing your trust in us, in SIPS…

Sheikh Faisal Bin Khalid Bin Sultan Al Qassemi

Chairman of the School

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