Our receptionist, Ms. Nargiza, is available to help with your inquiries.


Ms. Eman, in her role as Admissions Manager/ Registrar oversees all procedures pertaining to student enrolment.

Principal’s Secretary

Mrs. Merlyn Fernandes, our Principal’s Secretary, is available to help with any inquiries not covered below or if you need to book an appointment meeting with the principal.

Head of Assessment

Ms. Hatice Yurdukul  is responsible for managing all student assessments from Foundation Stage (FS2)  to Year 13. Parents can reach out to her for any queries related to assessments.

Head of Sixth Form and Secondary School

Ms. Afreen Bushra serves as the Head of Sixth Form and Secondary School, tasked with the overall management and leadership of these departments. Parents are encouraged to contact her for any questions related to their children’s education or school-related matters.

Head of Primary

Ms. Rozina Mukhia holds the position of Head of Primary, responsible for the comprehensive management and leadership of the primary department. She welcomes parents to reach out with any inquiries regarding their children’s education or other school-related concerns.

EYFS Assistant Coordinator

Laura Marinescu, the Assistant Coordinator for the EYFS at SIPS, is the primary point of contact for parents, ensuring effective communication and addressing their concerns. She adeptly manages the EYFS department’s administration and is committed to providing a safe and nurturing environment for young learners. Parents can contact her through email or phone.

Head of Arabic Section

 Ms. Zien Sara serves as the Head of the Arabic Section, overseeing all aspects of management and leadership within this section. Parents are invited to contact her for any questions they have about their children’s education in the Arabic Section or other related school matters.

Parent Relation Officer

Mr. AbdalSalam, our Parent Relation Officer, is the primary contact for parents at our school. He addresses inquiries, arranges meetings, and ensures parents are informed about school policies, events, and student updates. He also oversees parent engagement and contributes to school initiatives involving parents. For any school-related issues, parents can confidently contact Mr. Abdulsalam.

Parent Portal/Paradigm/Class Dojo

Ms. Afaf is available to help with any questions or problems related to the SIPS Parent Portal and other school platforms.

Extra-curricular Activities Coordinator

Ms. Shaima serves as our Extra Curricular Activities Coordinator. She is available to address any concerns you may have about your child’s activities and can guide your inquiries to the right department. Additionally, Ms. Shaima can assist with any questions you have about various school trips.

Bus Coordinators

Mr. Kirolos and Mr. Hossam, our bus coordinators, are available to help with any concerns or questions you may have about the school bus service.

Accounts Support

Mr. Arun is our Accounts Support. He is available to guide and assist parents with information about fees, payment processes, and the fee schedule for student enrolment.


Our two full-time nurses are on duty during school hours, from Monday to Thursday, 7am to 3:30pm. Feel free to reach out to them for any health-related concerns you might have about your child.
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