Alumni Messages

As a testament to our commitment to excellence, our students consistently achieve outstanding academic results, gaining entry into top-tier universities and excelling in various fields. We are immensely proud of our alumni, who have gone on to make significant contributions to their respective industries and communities.

Studying medicine in USA

Hello everyone! My name is Sara Naser. I was among the first graduating batch from SIPS. In fact, I was a student here since KG, so SIPS is my second home and my teachers and other faculty will always be my second family. I moved to the USA to attend University. I obtained a bachelor's in Biological Sciences for my undergraduate degree. I, then, worked in multiple scientific fields ranging from research, emergency medicine, and mental health to gain clinical experience before I attended medical school. I am currently in my theoretical portion of medical school and next year. I will soon begin my clerkship in the hospital! My dream of becoming of a physician is in the making, and I wouldn't have been able to achieve any of it without the support and encouragement of our principal (May She Rest in Peace), my dedicated teachers, and the amazing staff at SIPS.

Graduated as a Doctor from Poland

When I think of high school, I always think about all the lovely people I have met, and the great times I got to spend there. From my class- mates, to my supportive teachers, I would definitely say it was a beautiful experience filled with encouragement, support and at times harsh discipline! As I unfold another page of my educational journey having just graduated medicine, I can’t help but think about my high school graduation and that examination period. I remember it as a difficult time, a bittersweet time that shaped my present. Of course, I do owe a lot to all my lovely teachers who made the whole process smooth, easygoing and definitely memorable. It’s Almost 7 years since I graduated and I honestly still feel like it was yesterday. IGCSE, AS and A Level are milestones, I wouldn’t say are easy, but are worth the effort! As your predecessor in the journey, I would say enjoy every moment you have during your voyage, embrace your creativity and fill it with growth, purpose and of course fun! Treasure every chapter as you are about to embark on an exciting journey that is overwhelmingly fast. Appreciate your friends, your teachers, some of who will always be a part of your life no matter how old you get. Trust yourself!


I graduated from Sharjah International Private School L.L.C | S.P. in 2017, and joined RIT Dubai University. The IGCSE curriculum has given me a great advantage in the university. As an IGCSE student, I was exposed to a diverse self of courses. The curriculum and it’s preparation enable me to learn the huge load of information and many skills. The curriculum itself was vast and profound that enable me to get skills that I needed to thrive in the university. I was well-prepared to face the challenges that a broader horizon offered me both at the university and during my internship in Germany. Thanks to the effort I was used to putting in. I have graduated from my university in 2022 maintaining my name on the Dean's List throughout the semesters. I also worked as a moderator at the German Pavilion during the Expo 2020.

Studying medicine Ajman University

I am Hania Ismail, I am a SIPS alumnus. My SIPS journey was from when I was in the 5th grade until I graduated in 2018 as one of the toppers of my batch. This long journey would not have been possible without having been supported by our extraordinary faculty members and teachers, who definitely made it an accomplishing journey. It was their mentoring and guidance that helped me excel in all the sub- jects. It was my keen interest in biology and chemistry, that pushed me towards medicine. Now, I am currently a fifth year medical student in Ajman University. Besides finding my passion to study medicine, I also like to read books and novels as a hobby. My love for reading stemmed from my love for the English courses I took as a student in SIPS, English as a first language and English Literature. These courses were taught by my special teacher, Mrs. Uzma, who helped us all by making it enjoyable as much as possible. I have one year of medical school left to become an intern, and looking back at it all, it is clear to me how having a solid foundation of being a Cambridge Curriculum student, will not only help you get the grades you need in school, but will also make life easier in college! This foundation would not have been so without being in this supportive environment conducive to learning!

Electrical and Electronics engineering University of Sheffield, UK

Hello ! My name is Ahmed Al Sharqi , and I graduat- ed in the Year 2019 from SIPS. I’m currently in the United Kingdom pursuing a my bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering at the University of Sheffield. I joined SIPS as a little boy in Grade 3. Ever since then, the school had been my second home. I had massive support throughout my time there, from both the principal at that time (God Bless Her Soul), and the staff. I thank them all for preparing me for this part of my journey. I never thought of studying abroad until the school suggested and encour- aged me to do so. I can very well vouch that they have helped me and my peers immensely, all the way until I actually got accepted in my current university. Being an ex-IGCSE student, I can very well say that the Cambridge Pathway at SIPS has helped me get accustomed to the university really fast. In terms of getting adjusted to a huge work-load at university, I was well-adapted to the same, thanks to all the challenges I was put forth with, as I prepared for my external exams: IGCSE, AS and A Level courses. Lastly, I owe a debt of gratitude to all my teachers for where I am today!!

Studying medicine Alexandria, Egypt

I am a student in faculty of medicine, Alexandria university. I enrolled myself in this prestigious school of medicine. I was from the first pandemic batch of 2020 SIPS has played a special part in my long journey of schooling and has helped me get where I am in my career. There’s lots that the school instilled in me and shaped me into the person I am. I was a SIPS student from when I was as young as five years old. The school provided me with a concrete foundation in my studies: from the very basic to the advanced its been a great learning experience. Talking about the IGCSE, AS and A Level, Cambridge currciulm, is one of the most valued curriculums across the globe. it is One might consider it to be a difficult one; nevertheless, one that prepares you towards further education- al goals. Students who hail from this curriculum are, more often than not, the best in the class whether it is a medical school, an engineering school or a business school. At SIPS you are mentored in the best way. The experience and expertise of the teachers stands in support as you navigate your difficult years. As an A* student, I was well-equipped to do my best in the medical school.

SAQR Engineering in Ajman University

We, Salma Mohammed Saqr and Sama Moham- med Saqr, [twin sisters] graduated from SIPS in the Year 2020. IGCSE and AS have been quite a journey, with challenges of their own kind. Thanks to the cooperative teachers and the learning environment that the school provided us with, we were able to navigate our way through it. Along- side the IGCSE and AS we were also able memorize the Holy Quran. We went on to join college of architecture, the passionate major we so much wanted to pursue. We are currently in our second year of university in the college of engineering in Ajman University. In addition, we were keen on memorizing the Holy Quran and being consistent with revising it. This we felt opened so many doors of success for us. We managed to do both; in fact we excelled without taking any gap time enroute our memorization of the Holy Quran as well as our external examination. We wish everyone good luck to follow their dreams via Cambridge Path- way! What might seem challenging today, is part of the journey towards success. Hold on to it and pursue!!

Pharmacy Research

My IGCSE and AS journey in SIPS was a rollercoaster ride that I am forever grateful for because it made me the person I am today. I wouldn’t say the journey was not stressful, but with the continuous support, motivation and push from my amazing teachers, I could get through it with great results that got me into my dream major. They made sure all of us were completely ready for our IGCSE and AS exams by introducing us to past exam papers. They started giving us hands on experience as early as in high school years so we would have sufficient practice by the time exams approached. Not only did they teach us academic sub- jects, but also life taught us skills such as time management which in my opinion is the key to success in IGCSEs and AS levels, university and life in general. I left school with unforgettable memories and friends in this school. I’ve gained a lot of knowledge and skills from my teachers. I, actually, am proud and honored to be a SIPS alumnus.



Hello everyone! My name is Layal Imad. I was from the batch that graduated recently from SIPS, that is in the Year 2022. I’ve been a student in SIPS since Grade 1 and I have always enjoyed the safe, tranquil and warm place it is. I am now a student at University of Sharjah studying Physiotherapy, in College of Health Sciences, I’m excited to start my hospital practice next semester! Being a physiotherapist has always been my dream, and I wouldn’t have reached here without the support and encouragement from everyone in SIPS, especially the IGCSE, AS and A-Level department. It’s been an amazing learning journey even before we got to our challenging time of external exams. The COVID-19 pandemic had a significant impact on our studies, on our focus and our mental health. Regardless of the challenges, our beloved teachers, supervisors, and the principal (May She Rest In Peace) have always been on our side and helped us throughout those difficult years and steps of our life. I wouldn't have been where I am right now without them!

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