Primary Curriculum

To ensure our curriculum is irresistible, our lessons are delivered in a way that is meaningful, relevant, challenging and progressive for all of our children. Awe and wonder sit at the heart of all learning enquiries, as well as pursuing the interests of the children. We encourage our SIPS children to be excited, to be curious, to be challenged and to challenge themselves, and to have agency in shaping their learning journey.

At SIPS, we pride ourselves on providing children with a rich and varied Literacy experience. We strive to excite and engage children with lessons which are relevant to the world in which they are growing up, and to prepare them for the workplace of tomorrow. Where possible, Literacy is linked to the thematic learning which is taking place in school, and pupils are given opportunities to shape the direction of their learning.

Through creative teaching methods, children at SIPS take part in a wide variety of Literacy learning experiences such as research,  delivering presentations to live audiences, creating e-books, performance poetry and role-play.

Reading and Writing are essential skills and children are provided with the tools needed to excel in both areas of the curriculum. We inspire children to become lifelong readers for pleasure and provide meaningful reasons to write, giving children an understanding of why literacy skills matter.

As children at SIPS are reflective learners, we foster a learning environment where children have a clear understanding of their steps to success and an awareness of the next steps in their learning. Skilled differentiation and use of support staff enable this exciting learning to be accessible to all of our children.

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