Fee Payment Mechanism


To make our payment process as easy as possible with a range of simple and straightforward payment options: Online payment – Bank transfer or In person at the accounts department by debit/credit card, cheque, or cash.

· Entrance assessment AED 50/- for new admission.

· 1st cheque on/before 1st day of School (Cash, Current dated Cheque, Credit Card, SKIPLY)

· Cheque 2: on/before 2nd Semester.

· Cheque 3: on/before 3rd Semester.

· Bounced cheque and late fee payment will result in a penalty of AED 100/-.

· PDC are mandatory to be provided to the accounts department before school starting for parents who have not paid for the school academic year fees.

Important Note

All the payments should be done to and in the accounts department.

Fee Refund Mechanism:

Amount paid for Books and Uniform are nonrefundable.

Tuition/Transportation fee refunds are on an individual basis and follow Ministry of Education rules:

· Attendance of 2 weeks or less: One-month fee to be paid.

· Attendance of 2 weeks to one month: Two months fee to be paid.

· Attendance of more than one month: Full fee of one semester to be paid.

School Fee Reduction Policy

Non-Attendance of 2 weeks or less: One-month fee reduction for late joining students.

· No Discount on Tuition Fee for 1st child of higher year Group/Classes.

· 2nd Sibling: 5% Discount on Tuition Fee only.

· 3rd Sibling: 6% Discount on Tuition Fee only.

· 4th Sibling: 7% Discount on Tuition Fee only.

· 5th Sibling: 8% Discount on Tuition Fee only.

Scholarship Policy

The school does not have a scholarship system currently.

Certificate Blocking Mechanism and Transfer Certificate Blocking Mechanism

Parents need to clear all the overdue fees for their child/children to enable them to get the report card and transfer certificate. (Report card and transfer certificate will not be released unless the balance amount due is cleared).

Financial Sanctions Mechanism

Request letter must be forwarded to the Accounts team. Any fees not paid by the end of the financial year will be dealt with/forwarded to our legal consultant to take necessary legal action.
Transfer Fees and certificate attestation fees will be applicable.

Cancellation (Withdrawal Policy)

Cancellation of Registration (Withdrawal): The request Form should be completed by the parent and submitted to the Registration Department.

· The refunded fees are calculated as of the date of the application officially submitted by the parent regarding his/her child not continuing in school, or the date of the student dropout if it is earlier than the date of applying.

· The discounts are not applicable in case of cancellation of registration during the academic year.


If the parent fails to pay the due tuition on time, the school has the right to apply the following procedures:

· Refraining from renewing the learner’s enrolment for the following academic year until settlement of tuitions is made.

· Refrain the student from attending the classes. (In case of heavy pending amount) The students will be kept in a different class (groups of students with dues/non-payment) with an adult to overlook.

Please Note

· All cheques must be made out in the name SH. INT. PVT. SCHOOL

· Any refund will require twelve (12) working days after all the relevant papers are submitted to the Accounts Department by the parents.

· The school may charge other fees for additional services provided for the learner (extracurricular activities).

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