Head of Secondary

Bushra Afreen
Bushra Afreen is a passionate and dedicated educator, leader, trainer, and school inspector known for her empathetic approach and commitment to empowering staff and students. She is currently pursuing her NPQH (National Professional Qualification for Headship) from the Best Practice Network in the UK. Ms.Afreen has earned recognition for her exceptional contributions in education and holds prestigious roles as T4 Education-UAE Lead Country Ambassador, Teach SDGs and Teach Better Ambassador, UNSDN-Global Schools Advocate, TAG-Climate Action Project Facilitator, and a NATGeo Certified Educator.Her focus is on supporting Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and achieving Agenda 2030 through curriculum integration and education for refugee children. In her leadership roles as Head of Academics and Head of Secondary, she has been acknowledged for her innovative efforts in improving learning outcomes and empowering staff through enhanced teaching practices. Notably, she received the HP Idea Fellowship on Innovation in Education for introducing “Gratitude as a Pedagogy” and creating the “Wheel of Inquiry” assessment tool. Her collaboration on the 4F classroom model led to her previous school’s recognition in the T4 Education-World Best School Prizes for Innovation.
Beyond her school environment, Ms.Afreen serves as a Cambridge Advisory member of the Take Action Global-Cambridge group, actively working towards integrating Climate Education into the Cambridge Curriculum. With her passion for education, leadership skills, and dedication to positive change, Ms.Afreen, looks forward to making a difference in the education landscape and working with the staff and students of SIPS.

Sara Taha

Position: social studies teacher

As social studies teacher, I would like to leverage my extrovert and dynamic approach in teaching students. With my great coordination skills, I would work to perform organizational tasks and duties. Guiding the students to encourage them to participate in constructive programs would be my aim as a teacher.

Sara Taha

social studies teacher

As social studies teacher, I would like to leverage my...

Ms. Walaa Mohamed Hassan

Position: Arabic teacher
Categories: SECONDARY

Certified Arabic teacher from MOE, UAE.
Teacher profession license for 2nd cycle 2022-2026 with 20 years of experience in UAE,
enthusiastic with excellent communication skills to develop high-achieving
students. Adept at adapting teaching programs, methods and resources to suit
varying age and ability groups. Motivated to engage and enthuse pupils from
diverse backgrounds. Design special learning plans to keep the learners engaged and support their learning process.

Ms. Walaa Mohamed Hassan

Arabic teacher

Certified Arabic teacher from MOE, UAE. Teacher profession license for...

WAEL Mohamed Abd El Salam

Position: french teacher
Categories: SECONDARY

I believe in creating a dynamic and interactive learning environment. My approach combines traditional language teaching methods with modern technology and cultural immersion. I encourage active participation, foster creativity, and tailor my lessons to meet the unique needs of each student.
Apart from teaching, I have a deep passion for French literature, cinema, and gastronomy. I incorporate these interests into my lessons to make language learning not only educational but also enjoyable.

WAEL Mohamed Abd El Salam

french teacher

I believe in creating a dynamic and interactive learning environment....

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