Sharjah International Private School L.L.C | S.P. is an exceptional educational School that provides a personalized approach to learning, allowing each student to surpass their perceived potential. Our school is committed to inspiring a love of learning within our diverse student body, while maintaining a traditional British education. Our international setting fosters a unique environment that encourages students to become global citizens and appreciate cultural diversity.

We Follow Best Practices:

When it comes to ensuring students’ well-being, it is important to follow best practices that have been proven effective. This includes setting academic goals that are challenging yet attainable, and monitoring academic results to ensure progress is being made. Examination results can also provide valuable feedback on areas where students may need additional support or resources. By focusing on these key areas, educators can help promote a positive learning environment that supports students’ overall well-being.

Non-Teaching Staff


Lana Koyi

A true exemplar of British excellence, is an esteemed educational leader whose journey has been nothing short of awe-inspiring.

Head of Secondary

Bushra Afreen

A passionate educator, leader, trainer and school inspector who leads people with empathy and believes in empowering staff and studants alike.

Head Of Primary

Rozina Mukhia
An experienced educator with a decade of valuable expertise in Primary School setting.

Head of Assessment

Hatice Yurdakul

A passionate and dedicated educator on a transformative journy in education.

Teaching Staff

Nora C. Ong

Position: Year 1 Teacher
Categories: EYFS

Professional teacher with 22 years of experience teaching 5- 6 years old , a strong commitment providing a safe and nurturing learning environment. Dedicated and passionate teacher with love and care for educating young children. Recognized for ability to develop and implement activities that improve student’s learning and behavioral skills as well as self – confidence. Bringing forth dedication , skill and the desire to inspire young children to strive for excellence .

Nora C. Ong

Year 1 Teacher

Professional teacher with 22 years of experience teaching 5- 6...

Nishitha Sundar Valappil

Position: Science Teacher
Categories: PRIMARY

A passionate science teacher with 17 + years of experience in the educational field. I hold Bachelor of Science in Zoology and Bachelor of Education in Natural Science. Proficient in utilizing various instructional strategies to facilitate higher level thinking and development. I believe that science is an amazing adventure filled with endless discoveries and provides engaging activities to students that makes science come alive! Helps preparing students mentally for learning by providing detailed information, generating curiosity, and relating tasks to their prior knowledge.

Nishitha Sundar Valappil

Science Teacher

A passionate science teacher with 17 + years of experience...


Position: science teacher
Categories: SECONDARY

A committed, licensed science teacher (CELTA-certified) with more than ten years of experience who uses interactive, hands-on learning to spark students’ curiosity. I’m passionate about inspiring a love of exploration in students and involving them with real-world applications.
I challenge my pupils to think critically and work through issues. I encourage a love of learning, a solid basis for lifelong learning, and scientific curiosity in my inclusive classroom.


science teacher

A committed, licensed science teacher (CELTA-certified) with more than ten...

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